Shaded Soul Band – Frequently Asked Questions

During a Wedding when does the band break for dinner?

We normally partake of the Wedding fare right after the head table has been served. This ensures that the band is ready to play when the guests are finished dining.

During a Wedding how many breaks does the band take?

During a standard 4-hour reception, we usually take a dinner break, and one short 10-15 minute break later on. During our breaks we provide taped music.

Who does announcements?

Our band leader or one of our front vocalists will act as the master of ceremonies and do all of your introductions and announcements.

How long do you normally play?

A standard Wedding reception is four hours long. The band is available to perform longer for an additional fee.

My mother is worried that a band will be too loud! (?)

Our band leader works in conjunction with the banquet facility staff and the Wedding party to ensure that volumes are kept at a comfortable level.

What time do you arrive to set up?

The majority of our equipment arrives approximately an hour and a half before we are scheduled to perform.

Will you learn a song for us?

Shaded Soul is more than happy to learn a song for your Wedding as long as we have the correct instrumentation and can duplicate the song to make it sound amazing! We require that you give us at least 3 months’ notice in case we have a busy schedule.

How long has the band been together?

Shaded Soul Band was established in 1985 by Renee Prescott (owner/keyboard player).

What are your technical requirements?

Technical Requirements

Power -Shaded Soul Band requires one 120 volt / 20 amp circut for power

Space Requirements -Aproximatly 20′ x 10′ -Shaded Soul Band accommodates various different room sizes -Shaded Soul Band customizes our set up to suite the floor plan of your event

Small Outdoor Concerts -Shaded Soul Band provides their own PA system -Inclimate weather (Please provide tent with sides)

Large Outdoor Concerts -PA is provided by the host of the event

-Inclimate weather (Please provide tent with sides)

-3 vocal mics & 1 vocal mic input (Keyboard players will bring her own wireless mic)

-5 drum mics (Or what ever the sound company provides)

-1 horn mic input (Sax player will bring his own wireless mic)

-1 direct into the PA for the following insturments (Keyboards, guitar, bass guitar)

Do you have a press release we can use for advertise the band?

Press Release – Short

Motown, R & B, Rock, Swing & Soul Music. The dynamic stage presence of our vocalists captivates audiences, while the versatility of musical styles played by the band keeps people dancing all night long. Audiences say “Their energy is pure”, “Everybody from my Grandparents to my little kids enjoyed their performance”, “Amazing & fun to watch”, “We give them a triple A+!”

For booking information, please contact:
Renee Prescott

Press Release – Long

Shaded Soul is a high-energy band that has been established since 1985 by owner/keyboard player Renee Prescott. The unique vocal stylings and dynamic stage presence of our lead vocalists Adrienne Uchenna, Brian Meyers and Christina Billings captivate audiences and keep the dance floor filled all night long. Shaded Soul has one of the hottest rhythm sections in New England consisting of Peter Plenninger on drums, Tom Perrone on lead guitar, and McAuthor Jackson on bass guitar, laying down a funky groove to artists like Marvin Gaye, The Commodores, Patti LaBelle, and Alicia Keys. Last, but not least, are our “Funktified” horns of Bill Rood and Anthony Masi playing tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax and flute.

For booking information, please contact:
Renee Prescott

Do you have an office we can meet at?

We have an office space at Engaged CT in West Hartford, CT.

Engaged CT

41 Grassmere Ave

West Hartford, CT 06110


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